Enerteq’s Tool Rental Solutions

Maintenance and Turnaround Tools




Enerteq maintains a robust stock for short term rental, we are also partnered with
first-tier manufacturers to offer long term rental packages for turnaround companies.


Flange Spreading Bolt Hole Spreading Tools
Gasket Change Out Skillet Removal, Valve Change Out,
and Zero Gap Flange Faces

Equalizer International Flange Spreading Wedges - SWi2025TI Integral Spreader

Equalizer International Bolt Hole Flange Spreader - SG15TE
Flange Spreading Wedges [LINK] Bolt Hole Spreaders [LINK]

Flange Alignment
Lateral and Rotational Parallelism

Equalizer International Alignment Tools FA4TM Mechanical Version

Equalizer International Flange Puller/Closer FC10TE

Flange Alignment Tools, Mechanical
and Hydraulic [LINK]
Flange Closing (Pulling) [LINK]

Flange Pulling Tool
Vertical Spool Installations  

Equalizer International Flange Puller/Closer FC10TE


Flange Closing (Pulling) [LINK]


Flange Bolting Tools
Low Profile Racheting Wrenches Square Drive Socket Wrenches

TorqLite's IU-XL Inline, Low Clearance Ratcheting Wrench

TorqLite's SU-XL Powerful Square Drive Wrench

Inline Ratchet Wrenches  [LINK]

Square Drive Ratchet Wrenches  [LINK]

Jam Nut Wrenches for Special Break Out Tensioners

TorqLite Jam Nut Wrench for any Obstructed Nuts

Standard 1500 Bar Bolting Tensioners

Jam Nut Wrenches  [LINK] Standard 1500 Bar Tensioners  [LINK]
Multipliers Hydraulic Nut-Splitters
Powerful Multipliers for Bolting Hydraulically Driven Nut-Splitters for Removing Nuts Quickly and Safely
Pneumatic Multipliers

Remove Rusted Nuts Quickly & Safely





We make it easy for the planning and execution of
large to small jobs and projects with:

Torque Wrenches
Inline and Square Drive
     3/4” to 7 1/4” ATF
Joint Assembly Equipment
     Alignment, Spreading & Pulling/Closing
Valve Change Out
Eliminate down time from tool failure
Increase flexibility
No capital outlay
Reduce joint assembly time with the RIGHT tools
Maintain tool expert on hand
Experts to assist in tool selection




Rental Packages can include a Tool Expert for:
24 Hour Availability
Best Practices Knowledge and Training
Application experience
Tool recommendations
Tools serviced and ready







Enerteq Spotlight

Tool Rental Solutions for Turnarounds and Major Maintenance Projects



EZ Calc - Bolting Calculator, Enerteq's oline tool for estimating Required Torque Values. Use to determine Torque, Bolt Load and Percent Yield of Maximum Load of Bolts.