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Portable Clamshell Lathes, Diamond Wire Cutters, Flange Facers, Milling Machines and Power Units

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Mactech's products comprise a full line of portable machining tools that are particularly suited for cutting, severing and beveling on in-line piping systems. The Mactech products include Clamshell Lathes, Diamond Wire Saws, Flange Facers, Portable Milling Machines and Hydraulic Power Units to drive them.



With their star performer, Mactech has combined modular convenience and strength in an extremely precise portable lathe solution for on-site machining, cutting and beveling of pipes at any location.


Mactech’s cold cutting Clamshell Lathes (also known as split frame cutters) will handle all pipe sizes with an OD from 2” to 110”, all pipe schedules and all pipe materials.



Designed with in-line closed loop pipe and tight situation issues in mind, the Mactech Clamshell Lathes require only minimal radial and axial clearances.


Clamshell portable lathes are available in three standard types:

  • LC (low clearance)
  • USS (low clearance and additional strength & thickness)
  • WD (worm drive system)

Each type offers several sizes and can be made to any custom specification.

Please see below to review the specifications.


Though the Clamshell Lathes' primary jobs are pipe cutting, pipe beveling and flange facing, they can also be configured for counterboring, single point machining and weld removal.





Power for the Clamshell Lathes can be driven either pnuematically or hydraulically. The standard configuration is an in-line drive assembly and the power type chosen - either air or hydraulic. Right angle and reversible configurations for air or hydraulic systems are also available.


The Clamshell Lathe diagrams below show the the variation of an in-line pnuematic drive assembly on the left and a hydraulic drive assembly on the right.


Each Mactech Clamshell Lathe comes complete with:
• Pnuematic or Hydraulic Drive Assembly
• Air Caddy (lubricator and filter)
• Complete set of Tool Blocks & Slides
• Locator Pad set to cover entire machining diameter range
• All required hand tools
• Gang Box for machine storage
• Operating Manual


Special Options:
• Hydraulic Power Supply 10 or 20 hp
• Counterbore Module
• Single Point Module
• Axial Feed Weld Overlay Removal Module



Clamshell Portable Lathes - Specifications

Please click on image above for a larger view.

Clamshell Specifications

Clamshell Model 802LC 804LC 806LC 808LC 810LC 812LC 814LC 816LC
A - Machine I.D. 2.88 5.00 7.12 9.12 11.25 13.25 14.50 16.50
B - Machine O.D. 7.10 9.98 12.10 14.10 16.23 18.21 19.48 21.48
C - # 2 Slides 11.13 12.75 14.87 16.87 19.00 21.00 22.25 24.25
Clamshell Model  816USS   820USS  824USS  828USS  830USS  832USS  836USS ---
A - Machine I.D. 16.50 20.50 24.50 28.50 30.50 33.00 37.00 ---
B - Machine O.D. 23.40 27.40 31.40 35.40 37.50 40.00 44.00 ---
C - # 3 Slides 26.00 30.00 34.00 38.00 40.00 42.50 46.50 ---
Clamshell Model 843WD 848WD 856WD 860WD --- --- --- ---
A - Machine I.D. 44.00 49.00 57.00 61.00 --- --- --- ---
B - Machine O.D. 53.98 58.00 66.98 70.98 --- --- --- ---
C - # 6 WD Slides 61.61 66.61 74.61 78.61 --- --- --- ---


Portable Hydraulic Power Units

Hydaulic Power Units are available in 10HP and 20HP.


Hydraulic Power Units have heavy duty construction and are capable of performing without failure under a wide range of conditions. These power units produce significantly less heat than conventional systems.


> Delivers even power for smooth cuts and less tool chatter

> Adjustable speed motors

> Power supplies are VDF (Variable Frequency Drive), infinitely variable

> 3 phase Portable VFD Hydraulic in 10 and 20 HP models

> Operates at 440 volt.

> 12 foot NEMA 4 remote pendant control, with 50 foot extension

> Safety shut-off switch

> Units include all cooling, filter







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