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SU-XL Square Drive Hydraulic Wrenches

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Designed by bolting professionals under ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.  With a torque capacity of up to 60,000 ft-lbs (81,350 Nm), the Torq/Lite square drive bolting tool exceeds the expectations of bolting professionals.  The SU-XL Ratchet Wrench is internally engineered with the fewest moving parts possible to produce a long lasting and rugged hydraulic torque wrench.


With its simple design, the SU-XL  Square Drive Wrench eliminates maintaining  a parts inventory and lost productivity due to downtime for repairs. Maintenance can be easily handled in the field with screw driver, allen wrench and vice grips.



Outstanding FEATURES:

  • 96 possible position for the reaction arm 
  • Reaction surface is 30% larger
  • Slide through design of square drive
  • Individually dual plane rotating hose connections
  • Recessed pawl release


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The SU-XL Sqaure Drive Wrench's ease of use promotes safety


Quality manufacturing promotes value


Unmatched Range of Torque output


SU-XL Series Square Drive Hydraulic Rachet Wrenches.








Use the EZ-Back Backup Wrench with any torque wrench to make backing up easy and safe. The EZ-Back design allows the operator to release the stress of the backup in seconds by simply turning a screw located at the top of the handle.

EZ-Back Back Up Wrench






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EZ Calc - Bolting Calculator, Enerteq's oline tool for estimating Required Torque Values. Use to determine Torque, Bolt Load and Percent Yield of Maximum Load of Bolts.