smartTORQ Digital Bolting Verification System

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Improve the quality and accuracy of data collection when bolting with the smartTORQ interface.


This system incorporates a technician operated device that records and stores the torquing values of each bolt and flange of your project to a cloud based sever.


smartTORQ eliminates cumbersome and inaccurate hand written records of bolting projects. Additionally, the data collected cannot be modified by anyone other than an administrator.


The technician uses a durable cell phone sized instrument to log in and input the data for the job at hand. Variables collected include: Technician, Job ID, Flange ID, specific bolt and torque data.




Download smartTORQ data sheet


•  Rugged IP65 Handheld (Class 1 Div 2)
•  Real time data collection
•  Unlimited, user-defined traceability
•  Flexible user management and operating modes
•  User defined bolt pattern management per ASME PCC-1-2013
•  Password enabled roles and privileges
•  Configurable out of tolerance alerts
•  Non-editable data (what you see is what you get)
•  Ability to change tools from bolt to bolt or from pass to pass
•  Supervisor required overrides option for non-conforming data
•  Management notifications by email or text
•  Adaptable to ANY hydraulic pump (AC or air)


•  All capabilities of the XT1000
•  Wirelessly controls any pump from up to 80 feet away in as few as 5 seconds
•  Precision control of the pump without violating the manufacturer’s warranty
•  Connectivity via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth or tethered
•  AC and/or battery operated Control Module with 3 weeks life
•  Indicator lights on Control Module to show battery status
•  Digital control to within .05% accuracy vs. 2-3% with analog
•  Removes the possibility of over or under torqueing
•  Saves time in constant pump adjustments


•  The world’s only PDA with global explosion protection and mining approval
•  The world’s first ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and NEC


•  Collected results can be pushed immediately to a cloud-based server
•  Global live viewing, analysis, and job creation for production control
•  Production, productivity and repair reports
•  PDF reports of all job related information
•  CSV export







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