Composite Wear Pads and Pipe Shoes

Smart, Strong Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion doesn’t just eat through your pipes – it devours your budget.

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Wherever there are pipes, there is the potential for corrosion. Pipes and pipelines are constantly damaged by friction and environmental exposure.
Without protective measures facilities are faced with costly repairs or replacements.


Pipes are most susceptible to corrosion where metal pipes rest on metal beams or other pipes. Friction between the two surfaces can cause a failure of the pipe’s protective coating, and moisture can invade the damaged area to accelerate the rusting process.


Wear Pads and Pipe Shoes are used to protect piping systems in industrial facilities across the globe including: refineries, chemical plants, offshore oil platforms, floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs), solar energy production operations, and more.


Composite Wear Pads

Composite wear pads isolate pipes from contact with other metals, preventing friction damage and corrosion of dissimilar metals (galvanic corrosion). This is the most effective corrosion prevention system for un-insulated piping available.


Composite Pipe Shoes

Composite pipe shoes eliminate the problems traditionally encountered when trying to control the temperature in your piping system. The shoe eliminates metal-to-metal contact, electrically isolating the pipe and eliminating the need for welding. The pipe shoe is extremely strong and is resiliant to chemical attack.


Epoxy Sealant

An extremely strong epoxy sealant is used to affix pads and shoes to the pipe, eliminating the need for welding and completely isolating the pipe from other metals. Each pipe support is manufactured to the precise dimensions of the pipe, to prevent any gaps where moisture could penetrate. These products have passed rigorous load-bearing and environmental tests from third-party, independent testing labs, to prove their unmatched strength, resilience, and longevity.








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