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Products designed to make field tasks easier and safer.

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Our line of Hydraulic Bolting Equipment begins with Hydraulic Wrenches, originally designed and manufactured by Torq/Lite for use in their own service company.
See how these tools achieve peak performance and at the lowest cost of ownership while delighting the field personnel with ergonomics and ease of use. 


For Tensioning tasks we provide standard tensioners and special designs such as foundation tensioners required for the Wind industry.


Where safety is truly a priority Flange Spreading and Alignment Tools from Equalizer International are the best.  Easy to use and operate, adding to these tools’ reputation as the safest and most powerful.


Hot Tapping and Line Stopping are critical pipeline field operations requiring reliable manufacturing and prompt availability. Enerteq's local manufacturers of Hot Top and Line Stop Fittings are ISO 9001:2008 certified and compliant with standard pipeline design codes.



Tool Rental Solutions for Turnarounds and Major Maintenance Projects



EZ Calc - Bolting Calculator, Enerteq's oline tool for estimating Required Torque Values. Use to determine Torque, Bolt Load and Percent Yield of Maximum Load of Bolts.