Torq-Lite Steps up to the Challenge in Mexico

03/12/2013 in

Innovation is valuable only to the degree that it improves the lives of people.  Without regard to the size of the market Torq-Lite has always focused on this core value.    Most recently one of the largest state owned oil companies in the world requested a solution for making up and disassembly of high pressure relief valves.  The valve is difficult to service because it is constructed of two cylindrical bodies without flat surfaces where a wrench could grip.  Since the tools used to assemble the valves could not grip the cylindrical bodies adequately, insufficient torque was applied which led to failure of the valves working properly,  and resulting in several severe accidents.


The idea for the solution was initiated by our in country’s representative based on his experience selling the JN (Jam Nut) line of wrenches. The JN wrench is specially made for tightening and loosening axially obstructed nuts such as the jam nuts of reciprocating compressors.   The JN tool is a not ratcheting tool that is able to produce large amounts of torque, and exactly what was required by the cylindrical relief valves.  Once the valves are loosened the disassembly is simple and can be done by hand. Conversely the assembly starts easily by hand but the last few strokes have to produce controlled torque.


Dale Francis and his engineering team at Torq-Lite met the challenge. Using the JN design but engineering a new head capable of varying the grip over replaceable jaws, the new wrench is able to grip a smooth cylindrical surface and rotate it relative to another.  The product is currently being distributed country wide to all facilities maintaining and servicing the high pressure relief valves.


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