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Spotlight on Equalizer’s Unique Secure-Grip Bolt Hole Flange Spreaders

05/11/2017 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreadersin Maintenance

Secure-Grip Flange Spreaders not only are great for zero gap flange joints, but also for flange work with blinds and butterfly valves. See why Expanding Collet Technology makes this work in this week's newsletter . . .

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Secure-Grip Tools Win Industry Recognition

09/30/2015 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreadersin Maintenance

Equalizer International has been recognized once again for its innovative products after receiving two prestigious industry awards in Europe this year for its tools that are designed to introduce simplicity and control and enhance safety into the complex and hazardous world of flange maintenance.

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El Dorado Nitrogen LP: Equalizer™ tool versatile

07/31/2015 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Alignmentin Case Histories

In the Field - Equalizer Americas’ patented flange alignment tool called the Equalizer™ can be used to align or realign flange joints during pipework construction, pipework commissioning or routine maintenance.

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Equalizer’s Secure Grip Spreaders In Action

02/21/2013 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreadersin Maintenance

With the introduction of the Secure Grip Line of flange spreaders, Equalizer International raised the bar for safety and operator friendliness . . .

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Equalizer’s Spreading Wedges - JAWS maintenance

08/16/2012 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreadersin Maintenance

The Jaws Section is common to all the Spreading Wedge Flange Spreaders in Equalizer's line.  Occasionally it is desirable to thoroughly inspect the tools used.

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Enerteq visits Equalizer International in Aberdeen UK

08/10/2012 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreaders

Next week, I'll be traveling to Aberdeen UK, to visit the home of Equalizer International.

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