Posts from May 2017

Spotlight on Torq/Lite’s Inline IU-XL Series

05/24/2017 in Torq/Litein Torque Wrenchesin Maintenance

Torq/Lite's Inline IU-XL Series - Low Profile Hydraulic Ratcheting Wrenches

Each  IU-XL model covers a range of nut sizes, by changing out only the hex heads on the tool . . .

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Spotlight on Equalizer’s Unique Secure-Grip Bolt Hole Flange Spreaders

05/11/2017 in Equalizer Internationalin Flange Spreadersin Maintenance

Secure-Grip Flange Spreaders not only are great for zero gap flange joints, but also for flange work with blinds and butterfly valves. See why Expanding Collet Technology makes this work in this week's newsletter . . .

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