Enerteq's SAFETY CULTURE Model

We are Committed to Plant and Pipeline Saftey

"Enerteq has developed a framework to help managers take a proactive approach towards developing a Safety Culture within their company. We start by separating our Safety Culture model into defined components and linking those components to specific departments within a company. Linking these components and departments together gives concreteness and usability to the model."


Over a series of articles we will discuss the need for and the tools for the creation of a Safety Culture for companies involved in flange maintenance and other pipeline services.


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Who Cares About Safety,
Enerteq’s contribution towards creating a Culture of Safety, Part 1







Enerteq Spotlight

Tool Rental Solutions for Turnarounds and Major Maintenance Projects



EZ Calc - Bolting Calculator, Enerteq's oline tool for estimating Required Torque Values. Use to determine Torque, Bolt Load and Percent Yield of Maximum Load of Bolts.